DIY:SOS - Picture









For as long as I can remember I would always tune in to watch DIY:SOS.

Being a practical, get-your-hands-stuck-in kind of person and actually enjoying DIY and interior décor, I often commented how much I would love to work with the DIY:SOS team.

Our local newspaper had reported that the team would be in the area carrying out one of their Big Builds for a well deserving family.

Although I hadn’t had the opportunity to apply as a tradesperson, I knew I wanted to gift artwork to the family. Establishing they had three daughters – Abigail, aged three, and two-year-old twins Katie and Emelia – I began designing images that I hoped would suit the girls bedrooms and this was where the development of the letter balloon design first originated, the first in the lemonybird picture range.

Towards the end of the transformation I was delighted not only to deliver my artwork to site, which was well received, but I was also given the opportunity to spend time assisting with dressing of the rooms with designer Gabrielle Blackman, in preparation for the Big Reveal.

It was a great experience meeting all the crew and team – they are exactly as they are on the telly – and even though I didn’t know the family initially, it was a huge honour to be able to say I was part of the transformation.